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As a business consultant, I help you make more money in less time by helping you solve the most critical problems within your business. Newport Ventures delivers the expertise, resources and connections you need to streamline your business, multiply your bottom line and close more deals.


The Invitation-Only Network for Entrepreneurs, Dealmakers & Executives

Networking is about meeting the right people. The HUB is built to make this happen. The HUB a private network which eliminates the time wasters and dealbreakers – and connects you with who you need to meet, so you can take your business where you want it to go.


High Stakes Training is a performance based platform designed for business leaders and high achievers who want to achieve peak performance in all aspects of life and business.


The first automated platform for LinkedIn that integrates directly into your profile to sift through thousands of prospects, connect with the most responsive prospects and deliver you qualified leads – all at the click of a button.


#1 International Best-Selling Author, Key Note Speaker, Corporate Mindfulness Trainer

“Bret's strong business acumen, highly intuitive approach, and ability to operate at the highest levels needed to become a peak performer, makes Bret the most effective consultant I've ever worked with. This one decision has taken my career to the next level unobtainable without him"

CEO and Co-Founder of Social Light LLC

“Bret has developed a consulting platform that has completely changed the way I look at my business! Bret applies proven experience and knowledge, while spending the time to learn about me and my business, to help me succeed.”

Luxury Realtor, VH1 Star of Love & Listings

“Bret has guided me to differentiate myself as a top real estate agent in Beverly Hills. His leadership has taught me how to provide real value to my clients in a compelling way and stand out from my competition. His unique business strategies have helped me create a bigger business and multiple streams of revenue. My favorite aspect of working with Bret is how he’s helped me take my passions and incorporate them into my business; turning my hobbies into income. I am forever grateful.”

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