An Elite Training Platform For Peak Performers 

“Before improving performance, you must understand the level you are currently playing at.”

— Bret Lockett


No matter what field you are in, whether you are a business executive, athlete, entrepreneur or sales professional, the most effective approaches to improving your performance follow a single set of foundational principles.

Most of my research over the last decade has been devoted to not just understanding the psychology of peak performers, but how to master living a life of significance. Through these principles, I created High Stakes Training, a training platform for high achievers who want to reach peak performance in all aspects of their life.

Co-designed by neuroscientists, psychologists, and NFL (National Football League) and performance coaches, the High Stakes training platform was created to help high achievers become top performers in life, and in business through a proven system.

Welcome to High Stakes Training. You are a few steps away from reaching your greatest potential.


Your brain is adaptable and malleable, and is constantly making new neural connections everyday. This is the essence of learning. However, to advance to the level of a peak performer in a particular industry, you must create the proper environment, feedback loops, and have enough energy to sustain peak performance, not just over a few years but over a lifetime. Tom Brady, Warren Buffet, Tiger Woods, and several other top performers, have taken decades to become the best in their field.

High Stakes Training was designed to help you build the skills, both mentally and physically that have never existed before. Emotionally, redefining your value system and building a new level of resistance at which you train, will enable you to play at a new level. Training now becomes a way of creating new abilities rather than improving the ones that already exist.

Most of us admire mutants and superheroes, yet, we fail to realize that we have the same capabilities to create our own superpowers. Through the right environment, training, and a proven system, you can enhance your skill sets, set new limits, and reach levels in your life you never knew existed.


Executive Training 

For executives and leaders, our 1:1 leadership training provides a highly personalized plan to accelerate performance in business, and bring a greater fulfillment to life. Emotionally redefine your value system, build a new level of mastery, and start living a life without limits.

Group & Corporate Training

For organization’s and groups, our peak performance training helps your organization solve its most critical challenges, challenges that prevent most teams from elevating performance and increasing revenue. Our training platform empowers your organization to determine group frameworks, implement immediate change, and create a mindset to allow your team to reach higher levels of performance, individually and collectively.