Bret Lockett is a leading business consultant, speaker, entrepreneur, former NFL player, and founder of the “High Stakes” Training, an executive performance training platform designed to help high achievers become top performers in life, and in business. Bret has been featured in media across the globe including Forbes, CNN, Entrepreneur Magazine, NBC, the Huffington Post, ABC, and the Boston Herald, among others.

Bret’s background is multifaceted across several industries, from the NFL locker room to the business board room. As an entrepreneur, Bret has been an investor and a member of the executive team for several companies, including his partnership with private aviation company “M2Jets,” a full service jet charter and sales company, and Newport Ventures, a business consulting firm, where he leads business initiatives to help companies tackle their most critical challenges.

Bret’s passion for helping children and animals has lead to his deep involvement in philanthropy, specifically with the organization People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), as well as several others.